Thursday, October 8, 2009

Beetroot Chutney

This is a very tasty chutney that is very good with Chappathi.

Making this is really very easy

1. Take beetroots and make fine pieces or slide them over the cutter.(sweet beetroot will be even great)
2. Green Chillis as you need and VENDAIYAM(in tamil)
3. Take a pan and put the beetroot.
4. Till the green smell of beetroot goes away let it be in the pan.
5. Then add the chillis.
6. After this add little vendaiyam.
7. You can add some coconut if you want it gives rich taste.
8. Grind them using the mixie after cooling them down.

This will be very nice to eat with Idlis too.

Like the same way carrot chutney can be made

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